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Kristijonas Žičkus

Psychologist/ Manager

I believe that in a safe and supportive environment, everyone can overcome challenges, grow and blossom. I work with groups of children, youth and adults mainly in the field of education. It is important for me to establish a reliable relationship with the participants and to look for experiences together that would help to get to know each other and themselves, to discover everyones strengths. I also provide consultations on career management issues.


Gytis Valatka

Educator/youth worker

I am a teacher, an organizer of experiential hikes. When traveling alone or with a group, I value discoveries the most. Not only the views, new places, but also the people I met, fellow travelers. What are they talking about? What kind of fairy tales do you follow? A trip, a hike, or a day together is successful when I take away at least a little something new, discovered and told about myself.

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Ugnė Raščiūtė

Youth worker

I am a social worker, I have been working with youth since 2016. My areas of work: street work, individual counseling, experiential trips, organization of camps.


Gabriele Rimkutė


I have completed psychology and sociology studies, "Renkuosi mokyti" program and meditation teacher courses. I focus mainly on creating a connection with myself and others and learning how to create that connection - I learn and teach how to get to know, accept and empathize with myself and others. I gathered knowledge and experience working with people of various ages - from early childhood education and school to adults (mainly parents and educators).


Vaiva Strawberry

Educator/graphic designer

I am a teacher, graphic designer, illustrator. I work with children and teenagers. I believe that different experiences helps you grow and understand yourself and others better.


Valdas Stonys

Assistant social worker

I have worked with people with disabilities in the past. I am joining the Therapeutic Farm team because, being a village settler myself, I see how much a closer relationship with nature and animals can give each of us.


Agnė Jakubickaitė

Project Manager

It is important for me to ensure the implementation of projects. I appreciate simplicity. flexibility and I try to find solutions even in the most difficult situations, I am not afraid to choose innovative social solutions.


Eglė Kuraitė - Žičkė

Psychologist/ Supervisor

I consult employees who feel tired, powerless, insecure in their work with children and young people experiencing difficulties. I know how important it is to give attention, space, time for reflection and care for those who care for the most vulnerable.

Goda Pėštininkaitė

Youth worker

I find that mostly I am interested in working directly with people. I have always been interested in people, relationships between people, the stages of a persons life and health in a broad sense. I am currently studying social work at the university. I have organizational and pedagogical work experience both in kindergarten and school with children and teenagers.


Vaiva Gradauskienė


I have been counseling children, teenagers and their parents for more than 10 years. In my work, I rely on a psychodynamic approach, which emphasizes the influence of early experiences on our worldview. However, I believe that each new experience and relationship allows the personality to change and grow.

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