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We create opportunities for young people to act, connect and discover their strengths.


To provide a young person with an experience of relationships in the community, where he would feel accepted and valuable, learn social skills, engage in meaningful activities, get to know himself and thus discover opportunities to integrate into the fields of education, social and labor market.


While working with children and young people in the fields of education, health and social care, we have observed those who do not find their place in a group, whose behavior tells us how angry, scary and sad it can be when you feel insecure, lonely, not capable of anything. While working, we discovered how important the feeling of belonging to a group is for everyone, we saw how young peoples eyes light up after overcoming challenges on hikes or when creating a garden in the schoolyard, we heard how important it is to discover that you are special and can dream in your own way.

We dreamed of creating a place and community experience where we could see everyones needs and find opportunities to meet those needs.

We dreamed of a place away from the hustle and bustle of the city, where the best allies can be nature, plants and animals that do not judge you by intelligence, beauty or strength, but only by how much attention you given to them.

We discovered such a place in Senas Strūnaitis village, in the premises of a former school. Here we want to invite especially those who are looking for community to belong, who want to know themselves and their powers better.

We want to share discoveries and experiences, so we gladly accept invitations and come to your backyard to spread ideas of community and inclusion.

Our team


Kristijonas Žičkus

Psychologist/ Manager

I believe that in a safe and supportive environment, everyone can overcome challenges, grow and blossom. I work with groups of children, youth and adults mainly in the field of education. It is important for me to establish a reliable relationship with the participants and to look for experiences together that would help to get to know each other and themselves, to discover everyones strengths. I also provide consultations on career management issues.


Gytis Valatka

Educator/youth worker

I am a teacher, an organizer of experiential hikes. When traveling alone or with a group, I value discoveries the most. Not only the views, new places, but also the people I met, fellow travelers. What are they talking about? What kind of fairy tales do you follow? A trip, a hike, or a day together is successful when I take away at least a little something new, discovered and told about myself.

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Ugnė Raščiūtė

Youth worker

I am a social worker, I have been working with youth since 2016. My areas of work: street work, individual counseling, experiential trips, organization of camps.


Gabriele Rimkutė


I have completed psychology and sociology studies, "Renkuosi mokyti" program and meditation teacher courses. I focus mainly on creating a connection with myself and others and learning how to create that connection - I learn and teach how to get to know, accept and empathize with myself and others. I gathered knowledge and experience working with people of various ages - from early childhood education and school to adults (mainly parents and educators).


Vaiva Strawberry

Educator/graphic designer

I am a teacher, graphic designer, illustrator. I work with children and teenagers. I believe that different experiences helps you grow and understand yourself and others better.


Valdas Stonys

Assistant social worker

I have worked with people with disabilities in the past. I am joining the Therapeutic Farm team because, being a village settler myself, I see how much a closer relationship with nature and animals can give each of us.


Agnė Jakubickaitė

Project Manager

It is important for me to ensure the implementation of projects. I appreciate simplicity. flexibility and I try to find solutions even in the most difficult situations, I am not afraid to choose innovative social solutions.


Eglė Kuraitė - Žičkė

Psychologist/ Supervisor

I consult employees who feel tired, powerless, insecure in their work with children and young people experiencing difficulties. I know how important it is to give attention, space, time for reflection and care for those who care for the most vulnerable.

Goda Pėštininkaitė

Youth worker

I find that mostly I am interested in working directly with people. I have always been interested in people, relationships between people, the stages of a persons life and health in a broad sense. I am currently studying social work at the university. I have organizational and pedagogical work experience both in kindergarten and school with children and teenagers.


Vaiva Gradauskienė


I have been counseling children, teenagers and their parents for more than 10 years. In my work, I rely on a psychodynamic approach, which emphasizes the influence of early experiences on our worldview. However, I believe that each new experience and relationship allows the personality to change and grow.

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