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Support the Therapeutic Farm and our ideas

Allocate 1.2% GPM to Therapeutic Farm Growth

We invite you to give your 1.2 percent. part of the personal income tax to the organization "Ugdančių patirčių namai", supporting our daily activities and helping various risk groups to reintegrate into society and discover their strengths.

In the Electronic Declaration System (EDS), you will fill out a request for support easily and quickly, using the new support wizard, it will take only a few minutes. In the beneficiary search box, enter the identification number of the "Ugdančių patirčių namai" - 305722874. Detailed instructions on how to allocate 1.2 percent. You can find HERE.

Tell us about us to your friends

If you are interested in our project and activities, we can always meet, cooperate and be friends. Please support us with your good thoughts and by sharing information about us.

Support us through the Contribee platform

We are already supported by:

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