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Our services

Our team members are qualified specialists in their field. We participate in various initiatives/projects and provide our services to students, clients from vulnerable groups, employees in the field of education and other specialists.

Therapeutic farm services

In the building complex of Senos Strūnaitis' former school, we are creating a community that, by applying farming practices, pursues therapeutic goals.

  • Year-long program.Once a week, young people from risk groups spend one day on the farm, where they aim to return to the education system or the labor market by working in a team, being in a natural environment and doing meaningful farm work. 

  • Therapeutic sessions on the farm, adapted as needed for groups of children and youth, with the aim of strengthening fellowship, getting to know oneself and others, experiencing and overcoming challenges together.


Training for education and youth workers

We conduct training for pedagogues and other specialists working with children and young people in the field of education and employment. 

Possible topics:

  • Inclusive Education: My Inner Reference Points.

  • Complex behavior of children. How to understand and help?

  • Managing conflicts and difficult situations in the classroom.

  • Self-awareness and why it's important at work.

We also coordinate as needed and organize seminars on understanding the difficulties of children and young people, self-knowledge, stress management, conflict resolution, methods of working with children and young people, etc. topics.

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Supervision for specialists

Career counseling

We provide individual, team and group supervision for specialists working with children and young people experiencing difficulties. It is an opportunity to discuss the difficulties of everyday work, difficult situations and arising feelings, to look for ways to achieve goals, improve efficiency or well-being at work. During team supervisions, employees have the opportunity to resolve mutual difficulties or seek better cooperation and mutual understanding.

We conduct individual and group career counseling for high school students and young adults. We mainly focus on people from vulnerable groups, we provide support and together we look for ways in difficult life situations.

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Activities for students

We conduct experiential methodology-based seminars and classes for students of different ages.

Possible topics:

  • Career management.

  • Group formation and inclusion.

  • Self-knowledge

  • Coping with stress.

We also coordinate and hold seminars as needed on safety, sexuality, mental health and other topics.

Experiential hiking

We organize hikes for classes and groups of young people in various places in Lithuania, where participants learn from their authentic experience and its reflection. It is an opportunity for young people to explore themselves, their interests, abilities, learn to communicate, cooperate, set goals and achieve them in an attractive way. 

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