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Therapeutic farm

The therapeutic farm is our main and most important project. In the building complex of the former school of Senos Strūnaitis, we are creating a community that pursues therapeutic goals by applying farming practices. In this farm, we work with young people from risk groups who aim to return either to the education system or to the labor market by working in a team, being in a natural environment and doing meaningful farm work. The program lasts a year.



Young people come to Strūnaitis former school surrounded by nature and spend the whole day there from 9 am to 4 pm. once a week. It's a full-day group experience that begins with a shared circle sharing what's important today. Later, the participants, accompanied by a team of specialists (psychologist, social worker, educator), divide the work and carry out daily activities such as cooking, caring for animals, the environment, plants, cleaning, handicrafts, etc. Working on the farm, young people can discover what they are good at, face and overcome challenges, discover ways to communicate and work together with others, as well as relax and feel safe. In this way, the aim is to help them restore broken connections with themselves, other persons and the outside world. This happens through three main elements:

- being in a natural environment;

- socialization;

- meaningful activities.

The effects of therapeutic farm programs on vulnerable social groups are being studied by researchers from Great Britain, the Netherlands, Italy and Poland. They find that when young people receive this service, they feel less stressed, develop social skills, have more confidence in themselves and others, and are therefore able to adapt more easily in the community.

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